Scuba Photography

I've been scuba diving in Costa Rica, at Catalina Islands, but it simply wasn't that great. Apparently, the visibility is best during certain times of the year.

Not when I was went (January)

So I didn't manage to get anything worth posting. However, on my bucket list, way up high, is the scuba diving experience at Coco Islands (google it....amazing) .

When I do go diving and bring my camera, here's some tips for you. Shoot on aperture priority at the widest opening. I never use flash and set the camera at either 400 or 800 ISO. This isolates the subject and you won't get those unsightly white spots from using the flash.

Also, always create a custom white balance (or set it to the underwater setting if this is too cmplicated) and when you bring the files into photoshop, try using the auto color filter on your files and watch what happens....

It's amazing and about the only time auto color really makes any sense....enjoy...Rob
IMG_0850 IMG_1005 IMG_1011 IMG_1053 IMG_4186p turtleOkay, I'll admit, none of these photos were taken in Costa Rica. But I do love to scuba dive and snorkel and bring my Canon G12 and underwater housing whenever I go.

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