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Tamarindo, Costa Rica “engagement” photos of Dana & Zak

They actually got married on the Marlin Del Rey  a few days prior, so this is an engagement session after the ceremony in Tamarindo, Costa Rica...enjoy...

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Just after the sun drops over the horizon is when the sky lights up with beautiful colours. The last of the light is just about to disappear - last chance of the day for some amazing wedding portraits.

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3 Generations

Three generations on vacation together in Tamarindo Beach. Great opportunity for a portrait! We see so many multi-generational families on vacation here - both Ticos as well as families from so many other countries.

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Fire Dancers

In Tamarindo, Costa Rica we see these guys putting on amazing fire shows all the time.

I always thought it would be a great idea to play with fire, so to speak, and do a photoshoot.

Problem is, they only speak Spanish. My Spanish isn't that good when speaking with a local who can barely speak English

That's been my issue so far.

However, recently I was walking into town, and caught up to two dudes who I knew were fire guys. And they spoke English...yeaaa.

I was able to ask them and we set it up.

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A Favourite

This is one of our favourite photos from a trip to Jamaica that hangs in our home. Our daughter's small hand in the grip of a large Rastafarian guy. Ya mon!

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The Spa

At a destination wedding the girls usually get ready in the hotel spa. Hair, makeup, drinks and a gathering place for the girls prior to the wedding ceremony.