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Living the Dream- Interview with Ashton from Texas

Ashton shares his story on how, and why he moved to Costa Rica. He and his wife are digital nomads, living the dream. Ashton's business: We live, work and play in Tamarindo and many other parts of Costa Rica. [embed][/embed]
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Full moon over Tamarindo

Getting married on a sailboat near Tamarindo, Costa Rica is cool. Getting some images in the ocean is cooler. Having a ful moon show up as the day ends is the coolest.
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A summer wedding…

A summer wedding can be one of a kind. As long as the weather permits. I always say that  you do need a back up plan, in case of rain. Maybe umbrellas for all guests? Or a tent for cover. Either way good planning is important. Unless you’re very comfortable with uncertainty.  
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Video= My thoughts on health and some Tamarindo sunset scenes…

My thoughts on health. LINKS I mentioned: STUDIES: Pubmed Frontier study My story. Cousin Bob's story Synopsis: "After much research, I ended up slowly transitioning to full Keto in September of 2017. Did this while checking in every 3 months with my doctor and full bloodwork. By the end of 2017, I was off my…
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Fairy sessions in Costa Rica

We are known in Canada for our Enchanted Forest Fairy sessions. Costa Rica is an ideal location for enchanting and magical fairy sessions with it's nature, weather and foliage. We're bring Fairy Session to Tamarindo. Costa Rica Fairy session: Ideal for girls age 3-9 Created in Tamarindo right outside our condo We create a series…
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