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Tamarindo at sunset and at night from the point….

If you walk along the beach at Tamarindo, you'll see a cliff reaching out to a point towards the west. Excellent spot to go at sunset for some cool views or great portrait photography opportunities.
Sometimes I like to get out and take some scenics, and recently went out at night to capture the stars and Tamarindo all light up!

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Dream Sea Surf School

Many times Tina and I have walked the backroad out of Tamarindo, Costa Rica making our way to the next town, Villa Real. We've seen the sign for Dream Sea Surf School every time, and on occasion a van or truck full of boards and surfers heading out.

I had the pleasure this time for a quick visit. Here's a short video and some photos, Enjoy

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Night Market in Tamarindo…some snapshots

This building and parking lot is just around the corner of our condo, here in Tamarindo. Someone started a night market there on Thursdays and it appears to be a huge hit judging by the crowds, the vendors and the selection of foods and offerings.

We headed out last Thursday, and as usual, I like to bring my camera with me everywhere I go...some images:

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Some night sky photos of Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Shot these while taking a quick ride out to Playa Grande. This area is very dark, kinda spooky at night. There was a quarter moon in the sky which makes it less than optimum for night photography, but I suppose I can go back again when the  there is no moon.

Photographed these images using a Sony A7s and 16-35 f4 lens. ISO 2000 20-30 second exposure. I couldn't find my camera adapter to go with my tripod, so I used a mini travel tripod and placed it on a  log on the ground. It kinda limits me, but got the job done. Of course, you need a stable camera for these long exposures.

You can see the lights of Tamarindo in most of these photos. And the cloud, the beach, that log, all being light by the partial moon.



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Nachos and reggae at sunset in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

A short video from last night as we headed over to Witches Rock for nachos and reggae on the beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica,

Every time we visit Tamarindo we make sure to drop in to Witches Rock for their famous nachos "as BIG as your ass".

As usual, the scene was ideal, with the sun setting, the reggae music wafting, and everyone hanging around the beach taking it all in.

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Some random photographs in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Here we are, stuck in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, and as usual, I bring my camera with me everywhere I go. It's like an insane addiction of mine. I can't figure this neurotic need to photograph every single moment. I suppose there are worse addictions. It's a "fear of missing out" AKA....FOMO.....

It has happened to me a few times, where I was out, saw an awesome photo opp, and crap, no camera with me. So I tend to err on the side of caution and bring it most times.

Even random snap shots. Like this one, walking down the back alley towards the beach and main circle in downtown Tamarindo. Looks kind sketchy, but it's part of the allure and culture of all things Costa Rican.....Tina and Danielle:

Danielle and her favorite drink of late:

Tamarindo has been booming lately. This year is no exception. When we started coming her in 2005 it was way less developed and the streets were mostly unpaved, quiet and dusty.

One of our favorite simple pleasures is walking in town for some gelato......

My shadow...And Tina's. with her infamous finger wag.

Some random kid at the market in Tamarindo, on Saturdays. Of course I asked the parents for permission. They have two kids, are from Canada, and he's able to work while down here. Life is good! Love that chocolate....

Costa Rican coffee is great! Many coffee shops in Tamarindo serve it up right!

Flower petals fly around in the breeze and land on our table.

You'll see a lot of this, construction everywhere in Tamarindo.

From our last visit here in 2016, when we photographed some commercial images for one of the finest restaurants in Tamarindo, the DragonFly:

More to come...Pura Vida!


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“There’s a frog in the toilet!”

True story from the realities of living down in Costa Rica.What a life. I know it's true because my wife and I heard the screams coming from the bedroom upstairs.
"There's a frog in the toilet!" our daughter Danielle belted out.

We ran upstairs. And all had a big laugh. I never heard of such a thing. And been coming here, to Costa Rica, for over ten years and this is first.

I get frogs in toilets is a thing down here. Who knew.

Life goes on, even though every time we use the can, we approach the lid with some trepidation.

Life goes on back home too.... our studio orders still get done. Our lab receives files, prints them up, and ships to our studio so when we return in two weeks we hit the ground running.


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Costa Rica Blues Festival 2018

A short video from the 2018 Costa Rica Blues festival. This is our third event, and it keeps getting bigger, better every year. Not to mention the music as usual is world class and epic. Assuming you love the blues, which I do, as well as many, many others gathering by the growing numbers that show up each year.

The Costa Rica Sailing Center is one of Costa Rica's premier sailing center. Sailing classes, boat and sports equipment rentals and sailing club.

Costa Rica Blues site HERE