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Day to day stuff on Costa Rica

Costco in Costa Rica…

It's called Price Smart. A short video from our most recent trip...enjoy. Rob [embed][/embed]  
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SaintCecilia at Chiringuitos, Tamarindo

This was like being at a rock concert. But near the beach. And a small, happy, dancey crowd enjoying the up and coming SaintCecilia. These guys are nothing less than amazing. Listen for yourself. Even the drummer playing the kazzoo really sounds great.Enjoy Rob [embed][/embed]  
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Have the monkeys left Tamarindo?

We haven't seen any monkeys since we got here....until. There's a theory as to why there aren't as many monkeys in Tamarindo....I mention it in this short video. Enjoy Rob [embed][/embed]
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Dave and Lisa at Coco Beach

We took a day trip out to hang our with Dave and Lisa, who are also from our home town, Sudbury, Ontario. They're in Coco Beach for four months and loving every minute of it. A short video. Enjoy [embed][/embed]
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Quick interview with Willie from Pura Vida Self storage….

We were at Price Auto picking up our new car and I grabbed a short interview with Willie who runs Pura Via storage....He hails from the US, has one Costa Rican parent and another from Cuba... Pura Vida Self Storage Enjoy, Rob [embed][/embed]
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