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Joe and Luiz on the beach….

I photographed these two last year in Tamarindo bach, Costa Rica. And again this year.

We headed up to the small cliffs at the end of Tamarindo beach, heading towards playa Langosta. The mid day sun was on full display and bearing down on us. Why were we out there at 2:00PM in the afternoon you ask?

Simple...these guys are busy. For me I would have loved to shoot this at sunset. No chance of that happening. They work every single day non stop and many days at multiple venues.

Joe says: "Great work when you can get it!" I am reminded of the old saying: "Make hay when the sun shines." It's a busy time for them so our options are limited.

Also, I wanted to head out there on low tide, which worked at mid day on this day. I would have gone out in the morning but the area, on that day, would have been under two feet of ocean waves. Not good for the camera. Not sure they can swim. I know my camera can't.

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Fire Dancers

In Tamarindo, Costa Rica we see these guys putting on amazing fire shows all the time.

I always thought it would be a great idea to play with fire, so to speak, and do a photoshoot.

Problem is, they only speak Spanish. My Spanish isn't that good when speaking with a local who can barely speak English

That's been my issue so far.

However, recently I was walking into town, and caught up to two dudes who I knew were fire guys. And they spoke English...yeaaa.

I was able to ask them and we set it up.

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Think Teak!

Teak is a beautiful wood.....and popular too!

Novel Teak, a Costa Rica company, hired us to photograph their operations.

We were impressed by what we's  a company that is committed to excellence, sustainability and quality.

Here's  a few images from two solid days of commercial photography.....(will post more later....)


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