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Snap shots at Pirates Bay, Costa Rica

Off we go exploring. This time to a hidden little gem not far from Tamarindo Beach.
As usual I always bring a camera, even if but an older Canon G12 point ans shoot, which does an amazing job, helps me capature memories and scenes and keep my photography skills honed.

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Tamarindo, Costa Rica “engagement” photos of Dana & Zak

They actually got married on the Marlin Del Rey  a few days prior, so this is an engagement session after the ceremony in Tamarindo, Costa Rica...enjoy...

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Painterley portraits on the beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

I was on the beach creating some painterley portraits on the beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The best time of day is what we call the "sweet hour", which is about twenty minutes around sunset time, where the light becomes magical and soft. Almost iridescent like as the rays of the sun sweep across the ocean and the beach takes on a glow.

This is always my favorite time for creating timeless artistic photos in Costa portraits, wedding photography and individual portraits. Everyone looks great when working with the right photographer and the best light.

Pura Vida!


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Joe and Luiz on the beach….

I photographed these two last year in Tamarindo bach, Costa Rica. And again this year.

We headed up to the small cliffs at the end of Tamarindo beach, heading towards playa Langosta. The mid day sun was on full display and bearing down on us. Why were we out there at 2:00PM in the afternoon you ask?

Simple...these guys are busy. For me I would have loved to shoot this at sunset. No chance of that happening. They work every single day non stop and many days at multiple venues.

Joe says: "Great work when you can get it!" I am reminded of the old saying: "Make hay when the sun shines." It's a busy time for them so our options are limited.

Also, I wanted to head out there on low tide, which worked at mid day on this day. I would have gone out in the morning but the area, on that day, would have been under two feet of ocean waves. Not good for the camera. Not sure they can swim. I know my camera can't.

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Joe Hrbek, a world class sax player in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

If you've ever visited Tamarindo for any amount of time, no doubt you've heard Joe Hrbek and his smooth sax sounds.

Here's the final selection of images from the photo shoot with Joe the sax player, on the beach here in Tamarindo....

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3 Generations

Three generations on vacation together in Tamarindo Beach. Great opportunity for a portrait! We see so many multi-generational families on vacation here - both Ticos as well as families from so many other countries.