Some random photographs in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Here we are, stuck in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, and as usual, I bring my camera with me everywhere I go. It's like an insane addiction of mine. I can't figure this neurotic need to photograph every single moment. I suppose there are worse addictions. It's a "fear of missing out" AKA....FOMO.....

It has happened to me a few times, where I was out, saw an awesome photo opp, and crap, no camera with me. So I tend to err on the side of caution and bring it most times.

Even random snap shots. Like this one, walking down the back alley towards the beach and main circle in downtown Tamarindo. Looks kind sketchy, but it's part of the allure and culture of all things Costa Rican.....Tina and Danielle:

Danielle and her favorite drink of late:

Tamarindo has been booming lately. This year is no exception. When we started coming her in 2005 it was way less developed and the streets were mostly unpaved, quiet and dusty.

One of our favorite simple pleasures is walking in town for some gelato......

My shadow...And Tina's. with her infamous finger wag.

Some random kid at the market in Tamarindo, on Saturdays. Of course I asked the parents for permission. They have two kids, are from Canada, and he's able to work while down here. Life is good! Love that chocolate....

Costa Rican coffee is great! Many coffee shops in Tamarindo serve it up right!

Flower petals fly around in the breeze and land on our table.

You'll see a lot of this, construction everywhere in Tamarindo.

From our last visit here in 2016, when we photographed some commercial images for one of the finest restaurants in Tamarindo, the DragonFly:

More to come...Pura Vida!


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