Some night sky photos of Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Shot these while taking a quick ride out to Playa Grande. This area is very dark, kinda spooky at night. There was a quarter moon in the sky which makes it less than optimum for night photography, but I suppose I can go back again when the  there is no moon.

Photographed these images using a Sony A7s and 16-35 f4 lens. ISO 2000 20-30 second exposure. I couldn't find my camera adapter to go with my tripod, so I used a mini travel tripod and placed it on a  log on the ground. It kinda limits me, but got the job done. Of course, you need a stable camera for these long exposures.

You can see the lights of Tamarindo in most of these photos. And the cloud, the beach, that log, all being light by the partial moon.



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