My fave restaurant in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

We've been coming to Tamarindo for about 8 years. One of our regular jaunts was Noguis,  right on the beach, off the circle in beautiful downtown Tamarindo.


Can't miss it. You'll often find Tina and I there at Happy Hour, between 4:30 and 5:30 taking in the awesome sunset and chatting it up with other Canadians, Americans and visitors from all over the world.

It's just one of those places. Besides the fact that they server up coconut cream pie better than anything you've ever had, it's got loads of homey feel good and dripping with rustic charm. The staff are always super friendly too.

I always thought it would be cool to run a week long photography workshop some year in Tamarindo, and wondered if Noquis could be used for this.

(I run a three day photography workshop in Canada...

They have a second floor, covered area that rarely gets used. I wondered. Wouldn't it be cool....hmmm..maybe....

And thought about the challenges of trying to ask these questions to the owner, whoever they are, and certainly they don't speak English...on and on.

So to my surprise a week ago a lady comes up to me, while we were having supper after I had just photographed Danny and Florencia on the beach, and introduces herself as Helene, the owner.

Whoa! How cool. She's so young and speaks perfect English. She says she likes my photography. Been checking it out on facebook. (I post Instagram mutliple times everyday).

So I grabbed a quick pic in front of the logo of my fave restaurant in she is, the mystery solved. The owner of Noquis....


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