From Venezuela to Costa Rica….Meet Julian and Ismael…

You get to meet interesting folks from all over when in Costa Rica... Meet Ismael and Julian, two young dudes who came to Costa Rica as refugees and were giving an opportunity to start a new life. And start a new life they did....

I got to know them both and spent some quality time, even though they barely spoke English and I Spanish. Thank you google translate!

They are talented and skilled carpenters and are busy with jobs in their field. Hard work, passion and determination pays off Above they are in their new shop location just outside Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

I visited them at this place and created a short video. Watch it here:

Here we are heading home in the spring of 2022...our friend Paul from Florida, who lives full time in Tamarindo, Costa Rica drove us to the airport and Julian and Ismael tagged along for the ride.

Thanks Paul! Looking forward to meeting up again for another season in our place in Tamarindo...


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