Costa Rica Rental

Costa Rica Rental....
Los Suenos, Tamarindo...Costa Rica

Unit #9 is the most private condo at Los Suenos II. No foot traffic, occasional monkey, iguana or raccoon....We get ants and bugs. It's a Costa Rica thing.

NOTE: Ants...and bugs.. If you don't like ants, bugs and all sorts of critters, maybe Costa Rica is not your number one choice. We rarely find 'em in our condo, but they do occasionally make their way in. Pura vida!

Ten minute walk to the beach and to the stores/restaurants.

DSC_6252DSC_7974Outdoor shower off main floor...nice!

Guest bedroom...has air conditioning and bathroom with shower:

DSC_6166Work area beside kitchen:    DSC_6237

View from front door:DSC_6240DSC_8071DSC_7963 DSC_7967 DSC_7970  DSC_7978Rates HERE

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