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Snorkeling tour in Costa Rica

Snorkeling is not great in Costa Rica. [embed][/embed] There are some spots that are great, namely Canos Island Tina and I visited Canos a few years ago and experienced some of the best snorkeling. There are possibly some other areas that I'm not aware of. Do you? Please add in the comments section. This…
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Why is surfing so hard??!

I've been trying to surf for over ten years. Here's my thoughts on what I consider to be the hardest thing I have ever tried.
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Tamarindo at sunset and at night from the point….

If you walk along the beach at Tamarindo, you'll see a cliff reaching out to a point towards the west. Excellent spot to go at sunset for some cool views or great portrait photography opportunities. Sometimes I like to get out and take some scenics, and recently went out at night to capture the stars…
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Dream Sea Surf School

Many times Tina and I have walked the backroad out of Tamarindo, Costa Rica making our way to the next town, Villa Real. We've seen the sign for Dream Sea Surf School every time, and on occasion a van or truck full of boards and surfers heading out. I had the pleasure this time for…
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