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Just after the sun drops over the horizon is when the sky lights up with beautiful colours. The last of the light is just about to disappear - last chance of the day for some amazing wedding portraits.

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3 Generations

Three generations on vacation together in Tamarindo Beach. Great opportunity for a portrait! We see so many multi-generational families on vacation here - both Ticos as well as families from so many other countries.

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Fire Dancers

In Tamarindo, Costa Rica we see these guys putting on amazing fire shows all the time.

I always thought it would be a great idea to play with fire, so to speak, and do a photoshoot.

Problem is, they only speak Spanish. My Spanish isn't that good when speaking with a local who can barely speak English

That's been my issue so far.

However, recently I was walking into town, and caught up to two dudes who I knew were fire guys. And they spoke English...yeaaa.

I was able to ask them and we set it up.

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Cattle Auction

Interesting visit to the Santa Cruz cattle auction. We have never seen so many cows in one place. They push the cattle through to the pen where they get weighed & viewed and then people bid on the cattle by the kilo.

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A Favourite

This is one of our favourite photos from a trip to Jamaica that hangs in our home. Our daughter's small hand in the grip of a large Rastafarian guy. Ya mon!

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We photographed these cute cousins at one of their homes near the town of 27 de Abril. Full of smiles, none of them spoke any english - but most young girls love to pose for photos. We managed to communicte and get some great shots of them with our limited spanish.

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The Spa

At a destination wedding the girls usually get ready in the hotel spa. Hair, makeup, drinks and a gathering place for the girls prior to the wedding ceremony.

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Black & Whites

The finished weddding images delivered to the bride and groom always include a variety of colour and black & white images. Special effects are added to some as wel,l so in addition to a large variety of images, there is also variety in the finishing of the images.

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Barcelo Langosta Beach

Langosta beach is about 5 minutes down the road from Tamarindo and has the only all inclusive resort in the immediate area. Corin & Evan got married on the beach under the trees where there was shade for everyone.