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Tamarindo at sunset and at night from the point….

If you walk along the beach at Tamarindo, you'll see a cliff reaching out to a point towards the west. Excellent spot to go at sunset for some cool views or great portrait photography opportunities.
Sometimes I like to get out and take some scenics, and recently went out at night to capture the stars and Tamarindo all light up!

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New photos of our condo in Tamarindo…

We do rent our condo out when we're not here. Tina asked me to photograph the main bedroom, kitchen in the morning and our favorite place, outside, at night complete with candles and vino. Our favorite place to eat our suppers.

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Tamarindo, Costa Rica “engagement” photos of Dana & Zak

They actually got married on the Marlin Del Rey  a few days prior, so this is an engagement session after the ceremony in Tamarindo, Costa Rica...enjoy...

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Painterley portraits on the beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

I was on the beach creating some painterley portraits on the beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The best time of day is what we call the "sweet hour", which is about twenty minutes around sunset time, where the light becomes magical and soft. Almost iridescent like as the rays of the sun sweep across the ocean and the beach takes on a glow.

This is always my favorite time for creating timeless artistic photos in Costa portraits, wedding photography and individual portraits. Everyone looks great when working with the right photographer and the best light.

Pura Vida!


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Joe and Luiz on the beach….

I photographed these two last year in Tamarindo bach, Costa Rica. And again this year.

We headed up to the small cliffs at the end of Tamarindo beach, heading towards playa Langosta. The mid day sun was on full display and bearing down on us. Why were we out there at 2:00PM in the afternoon you ask?

Simple...these guys are busy. For me I would have loved to shoot this at sunset. No chance of that happening. They work every single day non stop and many days at multiple venues.

Joe says: "Great work when you can get it!" I am reminded of the old saying: "Make hay when the sun shines." It's a busy time for them so our options are limited.

Also, I wanted to head out there on low tide, which worked at mid day on this day. I would have gone out in the morning but the area, on that day, would have been under two feet of ocean waves. Not good for the camera. Not sure they can swim. I know my camera can't.

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“There’s a frog in the toilet!”

True story from the realities of living down in Costa Rica.What a life. I know it's true because my wife and I heard the screams coming from the bedroom upstairs.
"There's a frog in the toilet!" our daughter Danielle belted out.

We ran upstairs. And all had a big laugh. I never heard of such a thing. And been coming here, to Costa Rica, for over ten years and this is first.

I get frogs in toilets is a thing down here. Who knew.

Life goes on, even though every time we use the can, we approach the lid with some trepidation.

Life goes on back home too.... our studio orders still get done. Our lab receives files, prints them up, and ships to our studio so when we return in two weeks we hit the ground running.


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Costa Rica Blues Festival 2018

A short video from the 2018 Costa Rica Blues festival. This is our third event, and it keeps getting bigger, better every year. Not to mention the music as usual is world class and epic. Assuming you love the blues, which I do, as well as many, many others gathering by the growing numbers that show up each year.

The Costa Rica Sailing Center is one of Costa Rica's premier sailing center. Sailing classes, boat and sports equipment rentals and sailing club.

Costa Rica Blues site HERE

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Costa Rica Blues Festival 2018…Smoking MO and the Blue Devils

Headed out yesterday to the 2018 Costa Rica Blues Fest....This is our third time. I do love the blues, know the blues, and find so many "blues festivals" to be a ruse and cover for what ends up in fact being more a pop rock, maybe some blues, festival. (you know who you are)

Here's a bit from Smoking MO and the Blue Devils:

However, the Costa Rica blues scene is totally legit, with some of the best blues musicians I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I'm guessing that because it's Costa Rica, getting blues musicians down here for a break from the northern weather, makes it easier to get some world class players.

Check out the list of performers on this page HERE.