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Baby photography…..

Babies are always in vogue. We love our babies and love taking endless photos of them. We get many clients who want something special created from their baby. The best poses in my opinion are poses that fit what babies do naturally. For example, in this image the baby is laying down on her back.…
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A cupboard full of Costa Rican coffee

There are many things that we love about Costa Rica, just one of which is the coffee. When we come back home to Canada we always bring a stockpile. Our favorite is Britt, surprisingly the best deal on the coffee is at the Liberia airport Britt store. Everything else in the airport is crazy expensive,…
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Unusual poses for your wedding photography?

Well yes, this is an unusual pose - but the bride loves it and that is what it is all about. Having a discussion about the photography as well as your likes and dislikes helps us to tailor your wedding photography to YOU. Some brides send us a pinterest board as well so that we…
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